Monday, October 21, 2019

There is a story to tell in every project I create.

There is a story to tell in every project I create.

Frank and Angela Bathroom is a classic example. Dealing with my clients wish list and knowing what they like is what makes a project exciting and fun, and part of a good design of course.

I think I’m really good at dealing with my clients in a patience way. I love it.

Here is a very Traditional Bathroom Design. Shows a good example of the kinds of people Angela and Frank are. Their beautiful house nested in the hills of San Mateo have all the makings of an old house. And this bathroom had to be specially design to fit their style and home decor.

Frank and Angela wanted the Carrera marble look and custom built cabinets. They wanted a built-in stereo system to be remotely controlled with the iPhone. All the gadgets included for an amazing shower experience.

I measured Frank so that the jets would hit exactly where his soar points in the body.

The process of design was easy with them.

The 3D movie was start of the project. (see below)

Beautiful Cars, A source of Inspiration


Often use beautiful cars for inspiration, when choosing colors for whatever I’m designing. FOR EXAMPLE:  I created a kitchen using these colors. The cabinet doors where a rich beige color, with black homed granite for the countertop. And of course, stainless steel appliances where a nice combination to the look-and -feel of the modern and cozy kitchen.  A deep fruit bowl in yellow was placed in the middle of the counter top.

Color is relative when putting all the finishes together. Most people today want to stay very safe by choosing mutted colors.

Designing a New Kitchen

Design a kitchen probably is the most fun and complex design project I have encounter.
There are so many details to make a kitchen like this one.

I was lucky to design this beautiful kitchen and master bathroom, kids bathroom two years ago for my client in Lafayette. Working with them was fun and rewarding.

A few details... The lighting was a challenge because of the vaulted ceiling.

Steps I took to do it:

1. Measuring the space and creating a proposed floor plan approved by client was the first task.
2. Creating a 3D drawing in Sketch-Up for them the visualize how the kitchen will look like.
3. Create elevations and details drawings for the contractor to built it.
4. Materials Selections, included cabinets, and finishes.
5. Getting permits.
6. Finding a contractor that you trust and will built the proposed design is a challenging thing.
7. Getting the construction going and finally building the kitchen was a job.

Sunday, July 28, 2019

Being Original

Being Original

"To be original, seek your inspiration from unexpected sources. 

Footwear Designer Kobi Levi, Tel Aviv. creative approach to shoe styles is amazing to me. The Bicycle sandal — bicycle-chair heal, a Union Jack T-strap. 

Another good example: When designing a dress, do not look at other dresses. Instead, look at the world around you for true inspiration.  Inspired by Paris Eiffel Tower, fashion designer Jean-Paul Gaultier dresses. (the DeYoung 2012 exposition, photo by Amparo) 

I could find millions of examples that show inspiration from art around us.

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Kitchens As A Focal Point in Your House.

Kitchens As A Focal Point in Your House.

The kitchen as the center of our homes in no longer in news. We know that is the way everyone wants the house plans to be.

The kitchen, The room where we live. As a result, kitchens have to be carefully planned for food preparation, TV viewing, gathering place for the family and friends, and entertaining.

All my kitchen remodeling jobs are about opening up the kitchen and making the living/family room all connected. As a designer. I love to comply. Because I know what a family needs. Having my own children and making the hub of the family gathering was the key.

I always tell people. Is not the amount of space you have, but how you use it, and the way you arrange it.

When I design a kitchen, I learn as much as possible, how the homeowner cooks in the kitchen and their everyday habits are important in my design. . Some people bake a lot, some people entertain a lot. Its different with everyone. I like to ask a lot of questions. So much of good design is about putting myself in the clients shoes. And asking myself, if it was my house what would I do.

In the old days, most houses where designed to have little compartments. Many walls separated the family spaces. As you can see the before floor plan of the kitchen and the master bathroom.

I love to update spaces, and make them so much more efficient and beautiful.