Monday, October 21, 2019

There is a story to tell in every project I create.

There is a story to tell in every project I create.

Frank and Angela Bathroom is a classic example. Dealing with my clients wish list and knowing what they like is what makes a project exciting and fun, and part of a good design of course.

I think I’m really good at dealing with my clients in a patience way. I love it.

Here is a very Traditional Bathroom Design. Shows a good example of the kinds of people Angela and Frank are. Their beautiful house nested in the hills of San Mateo have all the makings of an old house. And this bathroom had to be specially design to fit their style and home decor.

Frank and Angela wanted the Carrera marble look and custom built cabinets. They wanted a built-in stereo system to be remotely controlled with the iPhone. All the gadgets included for an amazing shower experience.

I measured Frank so that the jets would hit exactly where his soar points in the body.

The process of design was easy with them.

The 3D movie was start of the project. (see below)

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