Monday, October 21, 2019

Designing a New Kitchen

Design a kitchen probably is the most fun and complex design project I have encounter.
There are so many details to make a kitchen like this one.

I was lucky to design this beautiful kitchen and master bathroom, kids bathroom two years ago for my client in Lafayette. Working with them was fun and rewarding.

A few details... The lighting was a challenge because of the vaulted ceiling.

Steps I took to do it:

1. Measuring the space and creating a proposed floor plan approved by client was the first task.
2. Creating a 3D drawing in Sketch-Up for them the visualize how the kitchen will look like.
3. Create elevations and details drawings for the contractor to built it.
4. Materials Selections, included cabinets, and finishes.
5. Getting permits.
6. Finding a contractor that you trust and will built the proposed design is a challenging thing.
7. Getting the construction going and finally building the kitchen was a job.

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